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365 Days of Parenting & Pregnancy Tips

365 Days of Parenting & Pregnancy Tips

provided by our customers, friends and family


At Little People and Me Australia, we are big believers of helping others, especially relating to parenting; it takes a village to raise a child!

Our future social media posts will consist of “Daily Parenting & Pregnancy Tips” written by our community. The tips will be a whole bunch of random tips and ideas to help you, not necessarily the everyday general stuff but more looking for the odd tips that no one told you about!


Example 1: A toy on the Change Table makes nappy changing and dressing allot easier. In particular, big pram clip toys are great to clip to the side.  |  Source: Tracey from Little People and Me


Example 2: Wear a breast pad on the opposite breast when breastfeeding in case of leakage all over that nice outfit you just put bubs in.  |  Source: Tracey from Little People and Me


Parenting & Pregnancy Tips example #001:

Parenting & Pregnancy Tips #001

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